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Career Planning After 12th

The world is presently changing quickly and the time has come when this present day society acknowledges just those, having the right capability and right abilities for obliged employment assignment. Past days had gone when quite recently a Degree would help a single person to land prominent position by utilizing some other mean or giving reward. Presently its high time when the transparency in selecting the right competitor in employment recruitment has occurred.

Career path, Career means profession, which we want to choose for earning livelihood and path means way. Pre-planning of anything in our life play very important role in every aspect of Life to work in a proper way, flow and choosing a career, which we want to pursue in future after acquiring certain level of degree is also very necessary in today’s competitive world. Challenges and competition are the part of modern society and therefore, career counseling through expert of concerned field can guide us to do what we want to do in our life rather than just aimlessly changing jobs now and then in future. There are many students who after 12th don’t know where to go, what to do and also seen many graduates who aimlessly do graduation without any specialization field. As a result they are not getting good jobs and salaries.

Choosing the right Career path is one of the broader aspects of learning in our existence. We all have always intentions and we usually think to have stability in our future lives and for that aim, a careful analysis of right career path serves as a key to success. Career planning helps a person to think suitably about the positives and negative aspects. All about their natural creativity and their interest becomes possible through proper analyzing ourselves. How to choose a right career path basically starts when a person finishes 10th or after 12th level of education. After attaining that level any person could opt for the educational degree which would help to have a good job opportunity according to their skills at the right time.

Career planning helps to formulate and designing our future smoothly. For example, if anyone wants to be a banker by profession then he/she would choose to go for CA, CS or MBA in Finance after 12th in commerce and Graduation in Commerce or Business administration. Else he/she would go for CAT course or M.Com or even upto doctorate level. This pre-planning would be thoroughly effective and would give him/her benefits after achieving pre determined educational targets, effectively. It also helps to evaluate our own personality, which might helps us to know that which kind of job will suit us according to our requirement and capabilities.

Posted by - Ankit Singh Parmar( SEO Analyst)

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