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Top Management Colleges in Kolkata

IIAS School of Management - It was established with the goal giving quality instruction at under graduate and post graduate levels to adolescent competitors in an animating environment of free thinking and advancement in different controls of Hospitality, Business Management and Information Technology. IIAS is centered around quality expansion to the courses that it offers to the understudy group and gives the special blending of scholastic incredibleness, opportunities, decisions and experience. IIAS strives to teach initiative aptitudes, to construct up a repository of learning, objectives to bring out the inert possibilities furthermore shape the youthful personalities to keep pace with the changing monetary situation.

Barclay College of Management- It gives fantastic offices to the workforce and understudies for their studies, research and preparing. The foundation has consistent, visitor and going to employees including experts from star classification inns, Management Consultants, Business Managers from Hospitality industry.

Pioneer College of Management- The College was built with a dream to make world class supervisors and great people. This school gives broad projects in different fields like MBA, BBA, Hotel Management, Aviation, Tourism and so on. Pioneer College of Management is one heading school in Bengal which gives University Diploma in Aviation. The Management business is a quick paced, focused, and always showing signs of change field. Diligent work, determination, and a specialized personality set, and in addition the consistent enthusiasm to keep you centered every day, are required to succeed in this field.

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) - It plans to set up a worldwide talent engine, equipped for getting achievement any nature's domain. IIBS likewise means to create a crisp heading for instruction and resume another methodology towards improving the possibility of employability. Likewise, IIBS conducts different symposiums, workshops and meetings, to development initiative capacities. Through a comprehensive methodology towards proficient improvement the IIBS tries to construct a worldwide system among the administration understudies, industry and society on the loose.

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